iPhone 12 Mini the scaled-down version of iPhone 12 is expected to be released in India around October 28th and the starting price is speculated to be around 48,000 Rupees for the 64GB variant, with tough competition from the Android side which offers a phone with 64GB capacity at a much lower price, we need to see how the iPhone 12 mini will fair in the market. So let’s take a look at the rumored specifications for the iPhone 12 mini.


iPhone 12 Mini Size and Design


iPhone 12 mini is rumored to be sporting a 5.4-inch full-screen OLED display so it would be smaller than the iPhone SE 2020 but with a larger display, since the iPhone SE 2020 has extra space to include the Fingerprint scanner and so iPhone 12 mini would miss the onscreen touch Id button and thankfully the design wouldn’t be chunky when compared to iPhone SE 2020 and its been heard that Apple will be reducing the notch size also in the iPhone 12 mini.

The iPhone 12 mini will have flatter edges which are reminiscent to the retro iPhone models like iPhone 4 giving it a more compact feel.


iPhone 12 Mini  Specifications


When coming to the specifications iPhone 12 mini is heard to be equipped with the same Apples latest 5nm A14 Bionic processor that comes with the latest iPhone 12, so performance will not be an issue at all, and according to benchmarks it can blow any android phones in terms of performance, and it is a very energy-efficient processor. The iPhone 12 mini is expected to start with a 64GB variant with a memory of 4GB.

There also slight rumors that it will be equipped with a B14 Bionic processor, but the chances are very less.


iPhone 12 Mini  Cameras


Considering the cameras, it is expected to have the same 12MP main camera and a 12MP ultra-wide and wide lenses, but with improved lenses, and they might also introduce the latest computational photography and an improved night mode.


iPhone 12 Mini  5G support


It does support the 5G network and it can connect to the latest 5G network without any hassles, but the uncertainty is whether it will be able to tap the full potential of the 5G network, as it is rumored that iPhone 12 connects to the sub 6Ghz 5G networks which offer long-range but less speed. For the time being it’s rumored that only iPhone 12 pro and pro max can connect to the faster 5G networks.


iPhone 12 Mini  Battery Life


iPhone 12 mini is expected to have a smaller battery(with a capacity of 2227 mAh) when compared to iPhone 11 (with a capacity of 3110 mAh), but there is no need to panic as the iPhone 12 mini has a lesser screen size of 5.4 inches and it boasts the more efficient A14 Bionic processor so the smaller batteries would not be much of an issue when considering battery back up.


Final Verdict:


So if you are looking for an iPhone with better cameras and bigger screen size then you can go for the iPhone 12 pro or the pro max, or if you are looking for a compact iPhone with most of the features then iPhone 12 mini would be a great choice.