MacBook Air, the cheapest variant in the MacBook line up starts from 92,900 Rs in India.It is one of the lightest and thinnest MacBooks, which is more powerful than the earlier generation of MacBook Air’s.The MacBook Air 2020 now comes with Sharp and brilliant Retina display, new magic keyboard, Touch ID , a processor having double the performance, faster graphics and they also have double the storage capacity.With respect to the build quality the MacBooks are one of the best as it is created from 100% recycled aluminium.




The Retina display comes with a 13.3” screen size which offers a resolution of 2560×1600 for over 4 million pixels which provides details so real, making the text sharp and clear.The True Tone technology adjusts the white points of your display so that it will match the colour temperature of your environment making the web pages look natural.With the millions of colours available the display looks rich and vibrant.The edge to edge display glass gives you a more visual immersive experience for videos and images.




Weighing at just 1.29 Kgs, the MacBook Air 2020 is packed with heavy duty performance.The quad core Intel core i7 processor will give you double the performance, and upto 80% more graphics perfomance.The new MacBook Air 2020 comes with faster 16GB  high performance 3733 MHz memory that lets you work seamlessly with multiple apps.The fast SSD storage comes with 256 GB which is double that of the earlier generations and it can be expanded upto 2 TB.


Magic Keyboard, Touch ID & Security


The newer generation MacBook Air has switched back to the older Magic keyboard which offers a 1 mm key travel , after receiving a lot criticism from the newer butterfly keyboards.The new magic keyboards are simply a breeze to type on.The inverted T-arrows keys helps you to navigate easily and the keys are backlit with ambient light sensors which adjusts to the current environments light, helping you to see better in low-light settings.

The force touch trackpad in the MacBook is one of the best.It is pressure sensitive and it can detect very subtle differences in pressure.You can interact by clicking on any side of the trackpad.It is very large also giving room for plenty of gestures from pinch to zoom.


Touch ID


The security has been simplified in the new MacBooks , in the older generations were you required to enter password for each documents and authorisations, it now done in a single touch with the advanced Touch ID sensor.You can immediately access locked documents, notes and system settings without entering a password.

Apple also features an advanced T2 security chip which makes it even more secure, so when you use Touch ID to authenticate a document your information always stays secure, it also keeps all your data in the SSD automatically encrypted.


Speakers & Camera 


MacBook Air 2020 comes with even better speakers which delivers much better stereo sound with upto 2 times more bass and 25% more volume.It has a three – microphone array that captures the voice very accurately.In the camera department Apple is sticking with the old HD 720 p camera which is a little drawback when even their iPad line ups comes with full HD advanced cameras.




The MacBook Air comes with two ultra high bandwidth and ultra high versatile Thunderbolt 3 ports, which delivers a 40 Gbps of throughput for twice the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2 ports.You can use each Thunderbolt 3 for charging, connecting upto 6K display, connecting storage drives, and other devices.A single port for every connections seems practical.


Operating System


The MacBook Air comes preinstalled with the latest Mac OS Catalina, which has a lot of features including the continuity feature, that is if you have an iPhone you can continue whatever task you have left on your iPhone like documents editing or emails, with ease on MacBook , and that is a very handy feature.